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Malec: Dream (1/2)
It was a beautiful Friday, a few white clouds dotted the bright sky and the wind breezed through the leaf. When Magnus Bane walked into the garden of the Institute he immediately spotted his boyfriend sitting all in black at a table between the green of the grass and trees. He was working on some documents, sorting papers and scribbling here and there, drinking from a cup in which Magnus suspected black coffee. Magnus was fascinated by the look his boyfriend appeared in. Every person Magnus introduced his boyfriend to and even his boyfriend himself thought that Alec was the most not outstanding person in the world. That besides Magnus he wouldn't be noticed for he always caught the attention while the Shadowhunter always comes in his dark sweater and jeans or in his black fighting gear.
But Magnus knew the truth. Of course, it was Alec getting the attention because he was the dark, shy-looking one loving the eye-catching, shining warlock. He attracts far more attention than he could
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Malec - You're adorable
    "I said NO!" snapped Alec.
    The other man, who was dressed up in his usual dramatic assortment of rainbow/extreme colored clothes and spiked hair tipped with color, pouted. "But whyyyy?" whined the older man.
    "You know why, Magnus." grumbled Alec, glancing around to make sure no one was paying close attention to their argument as they walked back to Magnus's apartment.
    "But we're DATING! That's what couples D--" He looked at the dark-haired teenager in surprised when he hissed at him, then grinned widely at the adorable blush spreading across the younger male's face. "Aww, Alec, honey, are you embarrassed..," the glittery man gave him a devious smile, "Or just shy still?"
    Alec's face flushed a brighter red, "Shut up, you idiot." He growled, before moving ahead to get to the apartment door before the chuckling warlock.
    Magnus practically bounced
:iconprincess-shadow0:Princess-Shadow0 167 107
Darling (malec oneshot)
Alec leaned his head farther back into Magnus' shoulder, playing idly with the warlock's fingers that were splayed across his stomach. They were lying on the couch, the color of which Magnus had changed to an inky blue since Alec loathed pink.
Magnus was half-propped up against the armrest with Alec lying between his legs, the Shadowhunter's head and shoulders on Magnus' broad chest. His heartbeat, markedly slower than a human's, thudded gently beneath Alec's ear.
"Where is your accent from?"
Magnus paused for long enough that Alec craned his neck to look up at him. Magnus wore a bemused expression, his eyes twinkling.
"What accent?"
Alec felt his cheeks start to turn pink. "You know… your accent. It's not heavy, it's like… just barely there… but…it's there."
"Hmm." Magnus reached a lanky arm up to stroke his chin. "It's probably remnants of Dutch."
"Dutch? But you're… Asian…ish."
Magnus laughed out loud at this and brushed his thumb acros
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